Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mytho Logique

Mytho Logique (ESMA, 2010) from Gom Poitel on Vimeo.

Making of Mytho Logique from Gom Poitel on Vimeo.

A Fox Tale

I'm really inspired with this CG Short Film. It shows how artistically pleasing 3D Images could look. I especially like the colors, lighting, and character style.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blender 2.5 How to Remove Dark Blocks of Shadows

In the Blender 2.49b version you can have a scene composed of one lamp light and an object and you wont have a problem producing this kind of image.

Notice the transition from light to soft shadows.

However, in the current Blender 2.5 version you will get this...

We get large blocks of ugly dark shadows.

How are we going to solve this problem? How do we make it as nice as the old Blender 2.49b render?

1. Click on the World button.

2. Click on Environment Lighting
3. Play with the Energy setting until you get the desired result.

Blender Artists: Bispodejesus Bros

I like the two Brazilian brothers working on CG animated films using Blender. So I am bookmarking their blog here.

Animated CG Film Pipeline

You can make a 2D Animated Short without going through any pipeline. This is especially true if you are just working alone.

But when you are trying to transfer to 3D, the pipeline becomes very important whether you are working solo or with a group.

3D Animated Shorts are a lot harder to make than 2D. It requires more art discipline. You need to have someone skilled at modeling (somewhat similar to a sculptor). You need a person with great painting skills to make the textures. Then you need to have a good video editor. You need to have a rigger. And then an animator.

3D Animated Films requires more people compared to 2D Animated films.

Having said that I like this article from cgtuts describing a CG Animated Film Pipeline.