Friday, November 21, 2008

Blender Bone Rigging Tutorial

Here is a simple Blender 3D rigging tutorial. If you find the display too small, just hover your mouse over the video and find the full screen option.


Big Buck Bunny - Rigging Tut from Ben Dansie on Vimeo


Jure said...

Adding IK-konstraint is done by shift+I, not ctrl+I. Nice tut btw.

Dennis G. Jerz said...

This was just what I needed... the bits about the knee targets and some of the foot architecture went by pretty fast, but it all made sense.

Temujin said...

Hi guys. I'm glad that the video was helpful to you.

By the way, I am not the author this video.

You can find out more about him at

Anonymous said...

This *is* my bible when it comes to boning animation

Everything is well explained and well thought out

good stuff!