Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blender 2.49 Draw Type Shaded in Blender 2.5 Beta

In Blender 2.49b had a Draw Type feature named Shaded. It allows you to see your 3D Mesh with its texture even if you haven't rendered it yet.

It's is a useful feature because it allows you to get a sense of how your model would approximately look like when it is rendered.

However, in Blender 2.5, "Draw Type" is now called "Viewport Shading". And the previous "Draw Type: Shaded" is no longer there.

Where did it go?

Let's find it.

1. Go to Object Mode
2. Set the Viewport Shading to Solid.
3. Press N
4. The Properties Panel will appear.
5. Scroll Down and find the a section marked Display
6. Click the arrow next to it to show the options for this section
7. Look for Shading
8. Click the check box marked "Textured Solid"
9. You are done.

If you will notice, the option to use GLSL rendering is also in this Properties Panel.

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